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Armin van Buuren on the “changing sound of electronic music”

Q: Do you think it’s changing the sound of electronic music? Like in the way that we are seeing a bigger drive towards the big room synths, like Avicii for example.

A: I think it’s a temporary thing to be honest. I mean, a lot of people tell me like “Hey man, that’s just trance.” I’m like “No, it isn’t.” I think it’s really important for me to state that I’m not necessarily in this industry to be successful with commercial radio. I mean obviously I’d like to have the odd hit, just because it makes it easier to sell ticket numbers, but as long as it’s within my sound and within what I believe in. All of a sudden this massive attention, I mean I even did an interview in Miami for CNN. The attention is opening quite a few doors; there are good sides to it and bad sides. I think the good side is that it’s opening a lot of doors, for example corporate America will now be more interested to invest money in big shows, so we can make the shows even better and the experience for the visitor even better. So we can promote the music that we believe in. The bad side I think is the commercialization, there are a lot of people who want to make a quick buck and don’t care about the ground work that’s been done by quite a few people who are really into this music because they’re passionate about it. I want to say to those fans “Don’t worry; we still got your back.” I never want to forget where I came from, I never want to forget my fans from the first hour and I never want to forget why I came this far. It’s because I believed in a type of music that wasn’t popular at all. I had my first chart success in the UK in 1996, so here’s grandpa speaking. It’s important to state that I’m still that guy and when I made that track I didn’t make it because I wanted to make a lot of money, I wanted to make that track because I believed in that type of music. So, this is the way I view the scene.

read full interview at dj mag canada.

Armin keepin’ it real. <3

seriously nothing but love for this man <3

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